Too Far..

Dear You...

Someday we firstly met at ordinary place, but in memorable moment. In my mind you looked modest, cheerful, cute. Suddenly my heart beated so fast. Yeah, I'm fallin to you...

I don't know why I can fallin to you. My feeling just stream, naturally. You could steal my mind to thinking about you anytime, anywhere. Oooh, you...

But... recently I'm aware. I know you can't to be with me like someone special. Because he haves you. Yes, him.

Yeah, I'm a looser, no more.

You are too far for me, too far.

At this moment I'm certain with a song title, "Yeah only love, can break, your heart."


  1. @nurdea : kok so sweeeet, ini sih so dark -__-

  2. ditulis di kertas dulu baru diketik
    biasanya orang jaman sekarang
    diketik di gadget lalu di publish

    the dark night ya ini ceritanya
    semacam broken heart gitu </3

  3. @veny : hahaha, gue tulis dulu di kertas biar sensasi galaunya lebih maksi ven :D

    yaaa, semacam itulah T_T *terima pukpuk*


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